What do we mean by GREEN???


Rotary Club of East Manatee is committed to sustainable lifestyle changes by improving our local recycling and energy consumption habits through practical education and awareness programs and by being personal examples in our community.


How do we do this???


Rotary Club of East Manatee starts by educating ourselves. We incorporate (10) guest speakers per year that focus on practical ideas, products and/or programs that incorporate sustainable practices that will improve our awareness and understanding of beneficial things we can do to improve our commitment to green.

We commit to the "reuse - reduce - recycle" programs as individuals and as an organization. We acknowledge individuals in our community with exemplary performance and encourage everyone to participate.

Rotary Club of East Manatee is committed to reducing our energy consumption. We do this by organizing carpool transportation for our participation at district events and other opportunities. We also acknowledge local companies, organizations, and/or individuals that demonstrate social responsibility and creative ideas that support sustainable development and ethical practices in their environmental performance.

Finally, Rotary Club of East Manatee will encourage and facilitate other Rotary Clubs to establish their commitment to GREEN practices through education and awareness programs for their community and by being personal examples in their own lifestyle practices and habits.

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