President                                            Rich Zang

President Elect                                   Tracy Kelly

President Designee                            Annette Zang

Vice President                                    Bob Rodd

Treasurer                                            Annette Zang

Secretary                                            Melissa Lilly

Directors                                             Ross Russo/Pat Schmoranz

Sergeant at Arms                               Willy Boman


Committee Chairs 


Membership                                        Ross Russo/Annette Zang/Melissa Lilly

The Rotary Foundation                       Robert Hunt/Bob Rodd

Public Relations                                  Christi Womack-Villalobos and

                                                            George Benjamin

Club Photographer                              Robert L. (Bob) Rodd

Club Administration                            Melissa Hammond/Annette Zang

Service Projects                                  Rich Zang

Eco/Sustainability                              Ginger Perusek

Matching Grants                                  Ross Russo/Robert Hunt and

                                                            Melissa Hammond